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Service Department

A cry for help is only as effective as the prompt response to that cry. Allied Electric's commitment to its customers is clearly evidenced by its 24-hour Service Department. We are listening! A member of our Service Department will be at your door within one hour of your cry for help.

Our service department electricians have an average of 20 years of electrical service and bring expertise and problem solving to any of your electrical needs.

For other department contacts please refer to the directory.

Energy Savings

We participate in an Energy Savings program for Small Business.This program can provide incentives to our customer of up to $7,500 per facility as well as a long term reduction in lighting energy usage.

Our customers are saying...
Over 3 electric bills we are seeing a 40% monthly savings. Less than 2 years of payback. - Edge Sweets

CONSTRUCTION SAVINGS: Typical customers can receive up to 65% of the total project costs in incentives.
ENERGY SAVINGS: Customers will see an average reduction in energy usage of 30%.
PROJECT PAYBACK: Payback periods on this type of investment is on average under 2 years.
To find out more about this great program contact our Energy Savings Team at EnergySavingsTeam@alliedelectricinc.com >>

Our Specialties

At Allied Electric, we find the trouble before the trouble finds you,and we don't want you to put your business at risk. Allied Electric has helped design and build thousands of electrical systems over the years, but our involvement doesn't end there. We are also relied upon to service, maintain, and continually upgrade these systems. That follow-up attention includes electrical inspections known as "thermal imaging" or "infrared scanning and testing." It's the kind of testing designed to help your business stay in business. We use our infrared scanning equipment to to produce thermo-graphic images of your facility's electrical network, Allied Electric technicians are able to detect dangerous hot spots easily overlooked in more routine inspections, then make effective recommendations to help you avoid problems that could shut down your business for days, if not weeks or even months.
Electrical equipment may provide minimal warning before damage or failure occurs-thus the advantage of adding infrared scanning and testing to your preventive maintenance program or service call. By measuring infrared energy and detecting minute differences in temperature, thermal imaging offers technicians and their clients a heads-up on potential problems. What the eye does not notice, thermal imaging sees. Allied Electric will help you see as well.

Allied Electric offers underground tracing to help clients identify the location of customer-owned utilities. Allied can assist in creating a detailed records of owner-owned infrastructure. As your facility become more valuable and more intricate, and as various utility and communications services share limited area, the potential for inadvertent damage increases and so does the cost of maintenance.

Employing the principles of geophysics to detect and identify underground services, experienced Allied Electric technicians will survey your site and document their findings in a simple, multicolored print-out that can be quickly and easily consulted whenever the need arises.
This handy diagnostic tool can save your business time and money. Knowing the general location of specific underground facilities can be a valuable resource in the management and identification of those facilities and can help prevent improper digging resulting in pipe or cable damage, as well as potential injury, expensive repairs, and even penalties. Ensure that any intrusive work done on your property is done safely and without incident. Trust Allied Electric to accurately map your underground owner-owned utilities, making the invisible visible for your advantage.

  • Infrared Scanning
  • Underground Tracing - Location of Hidden Cables
  • Primary Cable Splicing
  • Exterior Lighting Maintenance
  • Lighting Retrofit - Energy Rebate Program
  • NEC Code System Analysis
  • Transformer Oil/Testing & Maintenance
  • Switchgear Installation & Maintenance
  • System ground testing
  • Unit Substation Maintenance
  • Machine Controls
  • Power Factor Correction